Yoga for the Special Child®- The Sonia Sumar Method

yoga therapy for children and young adults with Special needs 


Yoga Therapy for Special Needs


 I am a qualified and a licensed Senior Yoga for the Special Child Practitioner. I trained with the founder of "Yoga for the Special Child"® - Sonia Sumar. Meeting and learning from her has been the most incredible experience and truly the brightest blessing in my life.

Yoga for the Special child® is a unique therapeutic yoga method that has changed and improved the life of countless children with Special Needs around the world and their families. The founder of the method Sonia Sumar has been teaching this method for over 40 years across the globe. 

Currently, I teach 1:1 yoga therapy sessions in MahaDevi Yoga Centre on Holloway Road N7 8JE. I also work in numbers of SEN schools and children hospices  and community centres across London. 

I have been working with children and adults from all age groups (from 3 months old babies to 92 years old people) and with varieties of conditions:  Autism, Down's syndrome, Epilepsy, Prader-Willi syndrome, Hemiplegia, ASD, ADD, ADHD, Eye Impediments, ME, Sciatica, Cerebral Palsy (SP),Speech Impediments, Behavioural Issues, wheelchair users and many more. 

 I have been a yoga therapist for over 8 years and over the years I have witnessed tremendous progress and extraordinary growth and development in all cases. Yoga supports one's physical and mental development, nurture and restore emotional well-being and balance, calms the mind the nervous system and strengthens the body. 

The benefits of regular practice specifically for children with special needs are countless:

  • Improved motor and muscular functions and self-regulation
  • Relaxed nervous system, thus low anxiety levels
  • A noticeable improvement in focus, coordination and communication skills
  • Better blood circulation and brain oxygenation, thus better cognition
  • Improved level of physical awareness
  • Improved breathing in daily activities thus better body function
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved behaviour emotional balance and ability to transition from one activity to another
  • better stronger improved internal organs function

If you or your school are interested and would like to learn more on how yoga therapy can help your child or students please feel free to contact me at any time. I will be happy to offer a trial session at the end of which we can discus further the method and look into how best we can help your child through yoga.

Bellow is a great video of Sonia Sumar explaining in more details the "Yoga for the Special Child Method" and its positive effect on children with special needs.

All 1:1 Yoga therapy sessions are held in

MahaDevi Yoga Centre, Highbury & Islington 

Parents and children feedback 

 "I love the sessions, it is peaceful. I do yoga because it makes me feel good." Gigi, age 18, Autism   

" it is calm and gentle. you do what your body tells you to do and it is just a peaceful atmosphere, makes me feel peaceful Caroline, age 24, Autism

"Yoga has helped me with my emotional problems and my agitation I am not so angry any more about things like I use to be before I started yoga" Electra age 26, ASD

"I have found yoga to be invaluable, as it has helped me in many aspects of my life. Since doing yoga I have noticed that I am physically a lot stronger and I tend to have a lot more energy. My body has become more flexible and more agile, making movement easier. Yoga has also helped me obtained a greater sense of peace and sense of tranquillity."  Sarah, Cerebral Palsy

"Thank you so much for the extra time. It was an amazing class! You can see Felix improving every week! Long it may continue ! " Bridget Felix's  mother, Felix has Severe Epilepsy 

" Hi Denisa, After yoga yesterday we had a revelation!! We went to the park. Finn met a boy and went and got his toy and gave it to him to share. they spend an hour playing and laughing. I was close to tears. I didn't have to intervene at all ! This is such a massive development. I am sure he was much calmer after yoga. Was lovely to see him so much happier! Thank you !! "  Tracy, Finn's mother. Finn, age 3, ASD

"Hi Denisa, we had a breakthrough this week, Luke said 'four' and showed four fingers when he said it ! Thank you so much for all your work with him ! " Liz, Luke's mother. Luke, age 7, Autism, non verbal. 

  Yoga class in a mainstream primary school - everyones favourite asana     

Yoga class in a mainstream primary school - everyones favourite asana 


A short clip about Yoga for the Special Child, the Sonia Sumar Method Thank you to LIVING YOGA MOVIE for giving us permission to use footage from the film. Yoga for the Special Child®, LLC is a comprehensive Program of Yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs.