22nd Oct Class

A sacred prayer

For Unfolding to be Soft a Surrender needs to come

a Surrender to What Is

So on 22nd Oct we traveled inward towards the Centre of our Centre

with one intention

to offer Reverence to that which cannot be put into words.... 

and in that process our practice becomes a sacred prayer

the asanas, the pranayamas, the bandhas, the mudras,  the mantras,

the you and the me   

the doing and not doing or undoing 

all becomes

all is a sacred prayer  


14th Sep class

following up on the Bhavana of last Saturday class: Unfolding..

Unfolding happens not by force but through softening


soft, soft, soft

Be Soft

enter and exit an asana not by acting or reacting but by softening

even the so called "challenging" asanas stop being challenging when you soften, melt mold

you body knows what to do

your breath knows how to guide the limbs in the direction needed

your mind just needs to let the reins go...