Do Not Let Go

Don't let go. Don't ever dare to let go. Instead hold. Hold on tight as tight as you can, as tight as u hold on for your life.

And you wonder why…This woman has gone mad. Why hold on tight when the rest of the world is screaming and shouting ‘let go…Let go” “ breath out and Let go”.

Why suffer the pain ?  

Because those things - the nitty gritty of life, the ugly, disproportional, inadequate, unwanted thoughts feelings behavior responses, those things you wish to drop forget and wish them to perish in thin air, those things are the one that set you free, that let you grow, that give you the Kick You need to learn how to Be and how to Love. Those things are your gifts your are running away from and often running away with the speed of light! 

I do not say get stuck and stagnant.

I say Jump.

So take a leap and jump, Jump with arms wide open and Embrace the Uncomfortable. Embrace it so hard that it melts into your arms of Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Understanding Listening, Recognition and ultimately Love. For in those moments of Embrace the Shadows become the Light. Your Beautiful Authentic Unique Divine Light finally has the chance to cut through the fog of conditioning.

And this, you would not want to miss on or let go of, once you allow that Light to even just shimmer for a single moment you would never even dare to let go.

So let's change the term "Let Go", to " Let Be" or even better "Embrace". Let's slop out idea of "this is not mine" to "this is Soo mine" and " I will So Embrace it". Let’s put on the Trust where it needs to be – it the Heart of your Light. For who else is there to react to what arises, then You. And whom else is the You then the creator of all that is taking place. 

So, Do Not Let Go. Instead  - EMBRACE.